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Saturday, June 28, 2014

~* Veronica Daniels*~

If you are into "spanking Videos" this face rings oh, so many bells, I LOVE THIS WOMAN she was the FIRST "Female" spanker I ever saw, and I couldn't stop drooling over her! hahaha, I never was able to be a part of "spanking couples" but everywhere she was, so was my money with membership! Anything RSI (real spanking), PB (punished Brats) where ever she was I had to be there, I can honestly say I was a FAN! I'm hoping she & coach Daniels return at some point it would be a great day!

 Veronica also has a very "Natural" way about her, always came off "caring" in her videos, she played a great (I'm guessing this is her role) Dorm mom on RSI films as well as Teacher, especially to these RSI girls

1. Claire:    

I loved when Claire went up against Veronica it was always entertaining and "sometimes" real.

2. Bailey:    

Bailey reminded me so much of myself at that time, back talker, yet misunderstood, our mouths just got us in trouble even when we didn't understand...HAH! but I totally could relate to Bailey Daily Troubles.

3. Jessica:  

Teen Jessica had so much spunk and she was totally bold when dealing with Veronica, and once again it made for Great entertainment! ONLY thing I despised about Clair & Jessica was the fact they wore Thong panties ALL THE TIME! (I don't understand Thong Panties in Spanking videos, it irritates me..My opinion)

But my all time favorite person that I have seen Veronica Daniels pair up with is the LOVELY Sierra Salem!

(I edited the picture cause we don't need bare butts on display!)

I finally was able to come across spanking couple movies, and not a moment too soon! by the time I saw the Veronica & Sierra videos, it was like a breath of fresh air because the love and dedication she was showing to Sierra, I kind of had lost hope that it existed and even though it was "just a movie" sometimes that's all it takes!

Veronica plays a great mentor/friend even though it had been stated years ago that it was "real" so kudos!
Movie reviews coming soon  LOL


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  1. Quite frankly I enjoyed the days of seeing Veronica with a very red bottom and tearful eyes