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Friday, June 20, 2014

~* Compliance, the Movie...REVIEW *~

(wasn't in theaters)

So last night, I was bored on Amazon Prime Movies (On Xbox360), so I typed in "spanking" and this movie "Compliance" came up, "based on a true story" so I decided to give it a whirl. it was pretty good, easy to follow, didn't always keep my attention, I found myself fast forwarding a little bit, but the dialogue in this movie was wonderful, especially in the 10 swat spanking scene (including lead up) it kinda made me bitter the fact they would show her breast but wouldn't show the spanking (just showed her otk) and never showed her bottom after the spanking, so yeah I'm such a picky girl lol.

Off the spanko Level: This movie made my skin crawl just a bit, only because it seemed so unreal like why wouldn't you double check to make sure that this was all legit, and why not look on YOUR cameras to see what happened and just trust someone over the phone, why not say " Hey, I'll wait til you get here, because I don't feel comfortable"  this movie seemed like it took ALL day, no offense after 6 minutes of searching, I'm saying F U in the biggest of ways hanging up the phone and calling it a week! cause I am at work and don't have time for prank calls (which is what this movie is about, its not a spoiler alert it says it in the description lol)

On Spanko Level: Dialogue was great, I actually thought Sandra would be the one dishing out the hits because she looked the part (kinda looked like Debra from nu-west) and she had a certain way about her that made me want to watch all her scenes lol, I really would love for this movie to be redone in the spanko world that would be fantastic! it could sell for a quick 140 dollars a pop IF THEY DID IT RIGHT!

OverAll: this movie was like the secretary and a great thriller mixed together making me give this movie every bit of 2.4/5 it was really LOOOOOONG and I didn't watch half of it due to interest loss.


You can find this movie On Amazon & Netflix! 

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