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Friday, June 27, 2014

Dana Kane (Top)

I discovered Dana Kane (movies) Last year (around September-ish) and WHAT A JOY DISCOVERY!
I first saw her in a Sarah Gregory Film, (not pictured) "Miss. Manners" I loved her from that moment on!

 Dana Kane Has a "natural" feel about her, almost as if you weren't watching a "movie" but watching "real time" and you can't find that now-days! (at least I haven't found it, but maybe I am not looking in the right areas lol). The first video (directly from her site) I saw had a beautiful girl named "Angel" in it, and I fell in love all over again, Angel was everything I wanted to be and some, and some of her "spanko therapy issues" I had too, some I still do, LOL but watching the videos and hearing the lectures helped me tremendously, my favorite series from Dana Kane & Angel are the "step mommy" series, those are very realistic, (ok, maybe not all the outfits worn, but the scene set ups are) :blush:, I'd have to watch them all over again before I could tell you which were my favorites :evil:

Dana Kane (films) also introduced me to P.O.V (point of view) (yeah I know you are probably saying "RSI's Clair did it first", and to that I say " I didn't watch it and when I did, it wasn't nothing compared to what I've seen, plus it was more like her actual point of view!" Dana's P.O.V Johnny's Hair cut (pictured below) was the first P.O.V I ever saw

I was sold to the thought that this is now one of my FAVES! if not the highest, she darn near cleared everyone off my map lol she is the total package! and what I love is she the total package by "nature" nothing I've seen is "forced" she loves what she does and most importantly she spanks with the Spankee's interest at heart, it doesn't seem as if she's in it for the money she is one of the few that I truly believe does it for her OWN enjoyment lol

but more DK reviews to come later, as well as the Lovely Angel reviews :D

~*copy-write left in tact, I had to resize the photo's though, I have permission to use the photos (as long as logo is avail) what I am saying is, I'VE DONE NOTHING WRONG!*~  :whistle:


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