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Saturday, June 7, 2014

~* Sorry I Was Gone So Long *~

Hello Everyone!

So I use to be frequent on here lol, came to my home-state on the 8th of May it was a rainy mess ( I LOVED IT) and Internet was out ( I HATED IT!) so I wasn't able to do any of my fav things lol, all I could do was check email (when it worked) on my cell and that was about it (not good coverage here), well around the time they were fixing on the Internet and some phone lines, like two days before they completely fixed it, I had just gotten Grounded for 2 weeks by a spanko friend of mine for texting and driving IN MY DEFENSE I was emailing and barely moving! I was aware of everything but I realized that T&D or in my defense E&BM lol causes more of a distraction for people around me as well as myself because the car behind me could tell I was clearly on my phone while going 5mph in a 30, so that caused him to swerve from behind me and almost get hit by another car because he couldn't see that there were cars slowed in front of me, now if I was crude person I could have easily said YOU SHOULDN'T BE SO IMPATIENT! but instead I get out of my car and apologize to the gentleman and I'm grateful there are no kids on board. He rewards me with a "Thank you" I actually thought he was going to cuss me out and spit on me LOL in all honesty! 

Bonus Info: I have gotten the question "Do I drink & Drive", No I will never and never have because unlike Texting and driving I can put my phone down and gain all senses back, if a person is drinking and driving they can't just vomit and get senses back, Drinking & Driving is horrible! PLEASE DON'T DO IT! 

Bonus Info: "Do you ALWAYS Text & Drive" No, if I have another life in the car with me INCLUDING ANIMALS I do not touch my phone I usually leave it in the console because there is no reason for me not to focus when another persons life is in my hand (sound dramatic? it's just honesty and Driver's Ed, scared the crap out of me lol)

~* Back to the story *~

So traffic begins to move again, I'm able to put my phone in my NORMAL position when driving so I finish that email, and I hear a ding, it's another email coming through so I respond to it, as well as texts that come in, I do this until I get to my destination,when back in the car it's the same over again, texts, emails, etc. This causes me to almost pass up a stop sign, only because when I was coming down I saw no cars ( I live in the countriest of cities I honestly believe that lol) and OTHER people do this too if you don't see cars (you won't see pedestrians where I live) before you stop just keep going, and for a millisecond I wanted to try it out! haha because I have never tried it! and it's a good thing too cause when I did stop there was this red, beat up, pick up, topping the hill going 100 Mph in a 70, country music blaring, just as happy as they could be with beer cans flying out windows. 

So I made my turn the correct way hahaha, I made it back to my house safe and sound, and I saw that my home phone had a Message I played it, and heard that I was Grounded for two weeks from all things internet, and if I wasn't calling for help my phone should not be in my hands while operating a vehicle. and I decided to call my spanko friend up and tell them " Ha, that'll be easy because there's no true internet here so there!" which kindly landed me a extra week. but I didn't sweat it until like the 4th day when I realized one of my game addictions required use of a connection and the internet was back on, honesty sucks lol so I had to shut the game down and not play it, sniffles, it was really hard, but I was able to still email certain people so I was happy about that (just not on my laptop).

when sitting back on the 6th day I had a strong thought, "How in the heck did I get in trouble" so I called the person who grounded me and asked them, I was told that "my phone gives a siggy saying it was sent from my phone" I respond "ok, so I may have been at home emailing" told again "in the email you said you were in the car driving to your aunts house" "oooooooooh okay lol" is all I could say before hanging up blushing...

I can't say I won't ever text and drive OR Email and barely move lol but I will say I will be more cautious of the OTHER people around me because it affects or effects <-- pick one them too. :) BUT NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE OR I'M TELLING! ;p

~* Cheekie*~

P,s Video for this will come soon :p 


  1. Glad your back. Hope to hear back from you soon. Hugs and spanks Chris

    1. Hugs & Spanks to you too Chris!
      Sorry I haven't been on FL in a while just in my own land right now :D


  2. Glad to see that you are well, Cheeky. I meant to Fet-mail you, but things became tangled. Texting and driving! Please don't do that. And we both know at least two Tops who would take you to task for that.

    1. Hey Loki!
      I figured you just got wrapped up in your G.O.T episodes :p I am still wondering your thoughts on that topic :D

      No need to take me at Task I'm sure they have other things to do LOL *hides under couch*

      Hope all is well

    2. Nope. Not G.O.T. We wrapped up watching Season 3 and will have to wait to watch 4. But I have been keeping up with the highlights and will look forward to the dvd.

      I briefly read your adventures in Spanking. Oh man! How does someone not know how to use a switch! This is going to be a fun read.

      Oh and it would not be me taking you to task about texting and driving. No teleport ability sadly. The ones who would you have already had dances with. Niko takes that very seriously. And I can only guess what Dana would do to you over that.

      So, for the sake of your rear end's wellbeing, consider not doing that ever again. I am serious. I do not want you to find yourself in the hospital or worse.