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Thursday, June 19, 2014

~*Answering Q/Review*~

Sometimes Reviews Are Just Plain Ol' Helpful
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"Lesbian Seduction Older/Younger Vol. 14"

I liked the first three scenes, but loved the last one, On a cheekie rating I give the movie a 4.5/5

but on a normal rating I can say the movie is a 2.3/5 BIG DIFFERENCE I KNOW lol

But I love Magdalene St. Michaels! Techniques and so I enjoyed her performance, I know others probably would not feel the same as I do, so I have to take that into consideration. 
Also based on the fact that only 1 scene is my favorite cup of tea with reluctance, subtle domination, and Magdalene. How could one not give it a 4.5/5 for 1 scene.

If you have seen this movie and would like to talk about it, do so in comments love to hear your thoughts.

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