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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

~*Spanking Story Websites/Forums*~

So as I said before I love writing and reading spanking stories I remember my first story I ever read it was a two for one actually lol I know the first one was a Britney spears fanfiction story ( I didn't know that at the time, because I was young, I never looked at her mom the same after that LOL) the next one was about a husband and wife and they did a R/P and the only part I remember about the story was the daughter came home from college and was like " Mom why are you wearing my uniform" HAH really great story!

Some of my favorite sites are Laura's Spanking Corner, SUN, Literotica, FetBot here are the links! There are other sites but they have either been removed or I can't find them to save my life LOL , castle handyman is still around I believe, but don't quote me on it lol

SUN <--- I'm Cheekie On this forum :) lol
Literotica: <--- I have posted several stories on this site but haven't a clue which name I used! LOL
FetBot:  <--- don't know what this link does now but years ago it sent me on a story ride Mia and pablo and cindy Z or something that but that was years ago so yeah! anywho lol

Check them out, and if you have a story to share feel free I would love to see it! :D



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