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Thursday, June 12, 2014

~* Let's Talk About Butts Baby *~

Hello Spankers & Spankees

So as most of you remember I came back to my home state and while I was here I was building up tolerance for my rear. HAH!!

My rear seems to like rejuvenating itself like lives on Candy Crush!

I have had at least 6 (and I can admit not all were good sessions) sessions since I did the video ~*CPHD*~ with the lovely Dana Kane, I haven't a clue what my rear's problem is but let me further explain lol

so session number 1: was with a couple the lady went first because she claimed "she wanted to have her fun before her husband wrecked shop" so I decided I wanted to lay over the table ( I would have did OTK but I don't want my first to be over random peoples knees that would NOT make me happy lol) she began using her hand and I was just laying there, she was about 6 smacks in and I kindly turn to her and say " Sweetie, you can go harder, I won't mind" bless her heart she said " I'm giving you all I got in Hand spanking" I felt so bad so I tried to break ice by chuckling and saying "grab a implement" NOW I'm sure you all are saying "maybe your tolerance is up, and that's why her Hand Spanking wasn't bothering you" I beg to differ because I could smack my own ass and get a response. so she grabs a implement *riding crop* I kindly ask her to put it back ONLY because it's on my FAVORITE list, and she right now isn't my FAVORITE person haha I Swear I wasn't being a meanie! haha so she grabs the logical thing a old timey hair brush, it stung but nothing like I felt, ~*let's be honest DK set the bar EXTREMELY HIGH! HAHA!*~

My bottom didn't even begin to color, but her face did HAHA, so with that her husband gave it a whirl he was a bit "aggressive" like he knew everything about spanking and what spankings were real on sites and which ones weren't etc, such a turn off for me but I held my tongue until I was struck in a " Hell No" zone I kindly told him "I didn't believe he knew what he was doing, thanks for the one mark along with blood, I won't be keeping in touch" I didn't feel safe so I decided to leave, plus I was bleeding from my hip! I freaked out lol.

Session Number 2: was two weeks after that, it was another female, age 40 I was like yippie! we decided to be adventurous and do it at the park, but when we got to the park there were so many little kids and people we kinda knew we decided to Role Play ( loves it lol) so I wasted no time being a "fussy type teenager" it was great! I totally enjoyed the R/P of it all, then we left and decided to eat, got a chance to just be a brat get all my frustrations of the weeks out, perfect! she handled it totally well, we went to a different park and she asked would I allow her to use a switch because she had fantasy R/P idea's as well and it's nice to be nice I said "sure" and it began with her hand, she had great rhythm it kinda left "impressions" , but she took the switch and had no idea how to swing it, and that's when my "helpful" side came out and I demonstrated on her rear end :D it was amazing she gave me a A++ lol her bottom turned 2 colors my turned 6 haha but the next morning I had nothing on my bottom and she still had her stripes :( she's back to work so we won't be having many visits cause she lives soo far away

Session Number 3: I was sent to this little building, and There was a man there he said he could spank up a storm, I said Okay lets try it, only catch was I had to spank him first, I busted his ass and his balls almost went BDSM (what he asked for)and went home, he too gave me an A++, I didn't want to be spanked after that cause I actually prefer F/F sooo yeah, that's a FEW of my experiences while trying to build up tolerance LOL.

What kind of Bottom do you all have?, thanks for the email's a few of you sent, it's nice to know you all read and have input even if its behind the scenes :) haha

1 of the questions asked a few times (in emails) 
"Why so few in such a long period of time" 
Because I do like to know the person I play with is trustworthy and I won't end up dead on a beer case :D Safety first! so I take a few weeks to month getting to know the person (and that still isn't enough time)

~* Cheekie *~

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  1. Wow! Your recent spanking adventures have the making of s good comedy, Cheekie.

    It looks as if people are still underestimating everything about spanking and the BDSM realm in addition. They see a video and feel that it is so easy. I had a debate about that some time ago on Fetlife.

    Well, I hope your continued adventures are more to your liking. And that you are always safe as you have them.